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One of the main problems with SQL structured databases is the little protection they offer against the corruption of data. Losing files because they’ve been damaged can cause serious loss of information and in some more extreme cases the complete destruction of the database. For this reason and as a precaution, it’s important to have a tool that allows you to repair these damaged files and recover as much lost information as possible.

SQL Recovery Software is a really useful tool which is easy to use and offers you the option of recovering or repairing any damaged element in the database in a really quick and easy way. To do so, you simply have to run the program and open the directory where the damaged information is found; once you’ve done that, you can completely customize the way you want your information to be restored and exported. For example, the type of compression you want to perform when extracting the information or if you also want to recover the BD basic diagram as well as access the information in it.

As soon as the recovery process is finished, you’ll have access to a schematic preview of all the information that has been recovered.

Always make sure that the most important information in your database is safe with SQL Recovery Software.
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